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Carpet Cleaning and Restoration

Think of your carpet as a filter; it traps dust particles and other outside contaminants, allowing them to multiply and be part of your indoor environment. These kinds of situations can lead to some sickness and respiratory problems, that is why it is important to restore your carpet’s tidiness.PGC Services uses specialized equipment and environmentally safe detergents to clean and restore your carpet, and we can warranty you a clean and sanitized carpet within a maximum of five hours.

No matter when a carpet is manufactured, a maintenance plan is essential to achieve the maximum life out of the investment. Without regularly removing dust, dirt, mud, and soil that are accumulated within the carpet’s fibers, the damage could become permanent, and the carpet may become obsolete before its time.

PGC’s Express steam cleaning maintenance program extracts what other methods grind and hide deep inside the fibers.


A major portion of offices around the globe are investing more and more in ergonomic office furniture, which makes the investment larger. In order to protect this investment and maintain the value of the assets it is important to make the fabric to look as good as new for a long time. A good upholstery cleaning plan will achieve this, as long as the structure of the furniture is good.

Do not let dirt and germs to be collected on the furniture, since this can be harmful for your health. Give us a call, and we can clean your upholstery and make it look as good as new!

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