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Pineyro’s General Cleaning uses Detergent Surfactant Free Cleaning Solutions!

New Detergent Surfactant Free Cleaning formulations respond to the need for cleaning in a safe and sustainable manner — without harming people, without harming the environment, and without depleting non-renewable resources.

Currently billions of pounds of single use detergent surfactants are used in cleaning each year. Most of this is discharged into our waste waters and has toxic effects on microbial populations adding to the problem of microbial resistance and toxicity to aquatic life.

DFC addresses such problems by cleaning without:

  • Phosphates
  • Detergent Surfactants
  • VOC’s (Volatile organic compounds)
  • Petroleum derived ingredients
  • Depleting agricultural reserves
  • Harming hypersensitive individuals

Our Equipment


  • 500 PSI 3-STAGE
  • Rotationally molded Polythlene housing
  • Dims: 30.5 inches x 22 inches x 43.25inches
  • Dual 3 stage Vac Motors
  • 500 PSI
  • The drying times are quicker than before: the ninja warrior uses a system of parallel vac motor, which recovers liquid up to twenty five percent faster than a system of vac motor in series.
  • Patented protective vacuum motor cover lower noise level and keep moisture out
  • Able to heat water, heat water up 200 F


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